Viz Vectar Plus


Anywhere-access to enterprise-grade 4K switching in the cloud that helps content creators address the ever-growing need to produce more stories, better told

Viz Vectar Plus

VIZRT Vectar Plus

Viz Vectar Plus provides anywhere-access to software-based enterprise-grade 4K switching in the cloud that helps national and regional broadcasters produce better content and more of it, reduce production costs and environmental impact, and quickly react and adapt to changing production needs.

Deployable on-premises, in the cloud, or as a hybrid solution, Viz Vectar Plus improves production quality by letting you use your best team for each production and incorporate millions of NDI® sources for the most engaging content, reduce travel costs and CO2 emissions, and easily spin up new production capacity to meet temporary and permanent changes in demand.

Tech Specs

44 external NDI® sources

8-M/E video mixing, plus PreViz

15 frame buffers

68 keyable layers

16 Outputs

4 DDR media players (NDI®) (with key+fill)

Built-in 44 channel audio mixer

3 configurable multiviewers

ISO and Output recording

Configurable video and audio delays at every input

3 integrated streaming encoders

Extensive macro and automation capabilities

Custom panel creation in operator UI and web browser

Control via UI or 2-stripe or 4-stripe physical control surface

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