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Turnkey Community Radio Systems from RFE Broadcast

Discover the MAMA RADIO Turnkey System

Mama Radio is a unique solution designed to meet the specific needs of community and rural radio stations, located in remote areas where AC power is unavailable at times.

Key Features

  • Delivering FM radio to remote and rural areas.
  • Specifically designed to serve community radio stations.
  • Possibility to use AC power or Solar Panels.
  • Power from 30W to 100W with up to 30 km coverage

You can choose your Energy Source!

Solar Energy

The MAMA RADIO turnkey system can be configured to obtain the maximum use of solar energy in its current location.

AC Power

AC Power, if available, can be used as a main power source or as backup to solar energy.

Even though MAMA RADIO features a basic FM transmitter, it is equipped to meet RFE’s high quality standards, and is specifically designed to have the best value for money. It can be fully customized according to your needs.

Double Energy Sources

Power your system alternatively with AC Power or Solar Power.

ON-AIR Studio

Add a basic on-air studio to complete your Turnkey System and be ready to Broadcast!

Centralized Mobile Control

Control the equipment locally via a dedicated Android & iOS mobile App.

Turnkey Solution

Customize your own MAMA RADIO or ask us to provide you with the best solution according to your needs.

Full Audio Interface

Low power, but with the same audio quality of RFE standard transmitters.

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