Smart OTDR

Industry-leading OTDR test equipment

Certify, Maintain & Troubleshoot Your Fiber Optic Systems

What is an OTDR?

“OTDR” stands for Optical Time Domain Reflectometer which is an instrument used to create a virtual “picture” of a fiber optic cable route. The analyzed data can provide insight into the integrity of the fibers, as well as any passive optical component such as the connections, splices, splitters and multiplexers along the cable path.

Why OTDR testing?

With the rapid advancements in fiber optic technology, OTDR testing has become an indispensable method to build, certify, maintain and troubleshoot fiber optic systems.
The OTDR is a test tool capable of troubleshooting fiber optic cable failures by locating the distance to the fault and identifying the type of fault-like. Typical faults are breaks, bends and any excessive loss within the cable or cable network. An OTDR instrument can be portable or rack-mounted and placed for permanent monitoring in the network allowing the user to set up alarms that are triggered if the fiber is compromised.

The VIAVI range of OTDR and Fiber Characterization modules deliver the most comprehensive range of fiber testers for essential fiber optic testing in installations, maintenance, troubleshooting and monitoring. These are fast, cost effective and innovative solutions for fiber test and certification for long-haul, metro, FTTx/PON, telco access, and enterprise/data center networks. Applications cover singlemode and multimode platforms delivering everything from basic to advanced fiber test & certification.

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