Fiber Optic Testing

Essential Test Tools for all Networks

Fiber Testers That Achieve Industry Standards With Ease-Of-Use

Why test your Fiber?

Fiber optic networks deliver unparalleled speed and bandwidth to meet demands of faster communication networks. As a result the majority of data transfers worldwide, depend on the reliable high-speed transmission rates through a fiber optic network.
An advantage of fiber optic cables is that they experience lower power loss over long distances. However, the termination and access points to the fiber optic network are still prone to unforeseen loss events that can disrupt services.
VIAVI fiber optic testers are essential test tools to ensure a compliant fiber optic network.

Essential Fiber testers

  • VIAVI’s industry-leading fiber optic inspection scopes are handheld solutions with all the capabilities needed by today’s fiber technicians.
  • Innovative optical power meters eliminate hassles when measuring optical power.
  • A free mobile appmakes it easier to perform essential fiber testing, allowing technicians to inspect fiber end-face quality, measure optical power and certify fiber connectors to industry standards on their mobile devices.
  • Efficient and economical visual fault locator for fiber tracing, fiber routing, and fiber continuity checking in optical networks during and after installation.
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