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Spectrum & Signal analyzer results you can trust

To get reliable results, you need a spectrum analyzer that you can trust, whether you need deep-dive measurements for solving tough problems in spectrum analysis research and development (R&D) or quick and simple measurements for manufacturing.

  • Easily troubleshoot your signal analysis with one-button measurements in Keysight RF spectrum analyzers and the broadest set of application-specific software for industries such as 5G, IoT, automotive, and more
  • Get spectrum analysis results you can trust built on proven measurement science and a commitment to measurement integrity — whether you are optimizing your test for performance or throughput
  • Achieve greater longevity of your spectrum analysis test assets with upgradeable features, performance, and code compatibility

Find the Spectrum analyzer that's right for you

Choose from advanced benchtop, handheld, general purpose, and scalable modular spectrum analyzers, all with the broadest set of application-specific software. Advance your RF spectrum analyzer to the next level, spectrum analysis has never been this easy.

9 kHz to 7 GHz

Streamlined for simple, efficient operation.
Meet a wider range of demanding RF test
needs, covering spectrum analysis, signal
monitoring and transmission/reflection

10 Hz to 110 GHz

Choose from real-time analysis to lowcost
essential measurements. Simpler
measurement setup and customizable
views with the new multi-touch user

10 Hz to 110 GHz

Add real-time capabilities to your existing analyzer with our real-time spectrum analyzer (RTSA) options. A real-time UXA, PXA, or MXA X-Series signal analyzer provides continuous acquisition of RF signals, including low-level signals occurring close to larger ones.

9 KHz to 54 GHz

Maximize eye height measurements with low noise contribution from the oscillioscope. See the truest jitter performance of your design with only 100 fs oscillioscope intrinsic jitter.

9 kHz to 27 GHz

Optimize your lab with small, fast, and scalable PXI signal analyzers

Measure audio devices with high
accuracy and a low residual distortion of
-110 dB. Make high resolution audio
measurements. Automate testing with
built-in test sequences.

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