Whatever your industry and application, we have the right test tool for you

Achieve more with industry-leading test tools

Choose from a range of digital
multimeters (DMMs) with exceptional
performance and reliability from 3.5 to
8.5 digits resolution and speeds up to
100,000 readings/sec.

Keysight Handheld and portable test tools
will address all the test and measurement
tasks you need to fulfill on the bench or in
the field.

Maximize your measurement confidence
with best in class performance. Choose from
a wide variety of time and frequency
measurements. Measure ultra low current
and ultra high resistance.

meters and power sensors operate
with sensors of various types (CW, average
and peak and average ). Choose your
frequency and power ranges to accurately
measure the power of RF and microwave

Meet the industry standard for
impedance measurements. From R&D,
Production to Quality Assurance and
Incoming Inspection, there is a solution
for you.

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