Generators, Sources & Power

R&D, Production, Education, Aerospace & Defence, General Purpose

Achieve more with Industry-Leading test tools

Simplify DC power sourcing
and measurements with up to
four outputs, arbs and data logger.

Enhance your bench with
a low noise power
supply that has single,
dual or triple output.

1 to 40 GHz

Produce the RF & MW signals
you need whether simple or
complex. Achieve faster
throughput with cost effective
essential signal generation.

From basic to high end source measure
units, Keysight is the leader in this market.
Select from a wide range of SMU products,
which are classified into four areas:
Precision, Application, Specific, General
Purpose and Basic.

Generate waveforms you can trust. The Trueform function generator offers the highest signal fidelity with added features that allow you to get the job done quickly. Find the waveform/function  generator that’s right for you.

Test inverters with hardware and software that supports popular solar curves.

The EL30000A Series programmable DC electronic loads provide superior performance in compact bench form factor. Two single and a dual-channel mode model is available with up to 600W

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