Network Management

Create and manage a resilient, flexible and evolving network infrastructure

Solve critical security and performance needs with Gigamon

A network is complex with an intricate combination of routers, switches and ports, physically and virtually. They are found on premises, in the cloud and remote sites. It has a host of interfaces, applications and firewalls that are hungry for network data. It must be well managed with vital data being passed to security analysts and consistently comply with changing regulations.

Although complex, Gigamon’s solutions are here to help achieve an optimized, secure and regulated network infrastructure. Gigamon Visibility and Analytic Fabric goes beyond aggregating traffic and passing it to other tools, it also includes:

Key Benefits

  • Broad and deep visibility across your private, public and hybrid cloud environments.
  • Layer 7 visibility to identify applications and reveal app and user behaviour.
  • Rich application and protocol metadata to enable deeper analytics and more effective security tools.

Are you managing your network effectively and efficiently?

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