Telecom T&M System Support

Technologies within the broadcast and telecommunications industries are developing at an ever increasing rate, and as we move forward there is more and more synergy and reliance between the two once completely different technologies.

Concilium Technologies has been intimately involved in this change through its expertise in both broadcast and telecommunications technologies and employs highly skilled local systems support engineers to provide software and hardware support for mission critical broadcast systems where downtime is not an option.

Rather than rely solely on remote support centres in other parts of the world, we believe it is vitally important to train up local engineers and build local expertise in the latest broadcast and telecommunications technologies, so that we are able to partner with our local customers and provide value added on-site broadcast systems SLA support.

While we are striving to provide full local support for every product we supply, this is understandably a longer term vision so please contact us to discuss the levels of local support we can provide for any particular product or system.

Many of our customers struggle with the challenges of finding engineers who understand their own business, let alone understanding all of the complex systems that are now the heart of most technology driven companies. We believe that we provide the missing pieces of the puzzle by working together with the customer’s engineers enabling a high level of support for both their own business workflows, and the equipment we supply that supports them.

Concilium offer a wide range of support contracts covering a diverse range of our broadcast and telecommunications solutions and systems.

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