Telestream Vantage Cloud


Vantage can simultaneously process on-premise and cloud-based content….in a single Workflow!

Since most media companies wish to continue to use their on-premise technology while moving new workflows and burst capacity to the cloud, the dominant on-premise market presence of the Vantage Media Processing Platform makes it the perfect choice to support these hybrid workflows. Vantage Cloud was created to address these applications.

Hosted Workflows

Cloud Hosted Workflows give you the power to evolve your Vantage solutions into intelligent cloud-native media-transformation engines. Design powerful automated solutions using the same Vantage Workflow Designer trusted by the top media and entertainment companies, and deploy those custom solutions into Telestream Cloud where they can be accessed from anywhere on the planet.

Decentralized access to your own robust solutions with no single point-of-failure completely changes the game, and unlocks new horizons for your automated cloud-based workflows.

How Vantage Cloud it works 

In addition to the flexible licensing options already available for the Vantage Media Processing Platform, Vantage Cloud enables consumption-based operation (and pricing) for Vantage actions. More specifically, Vantage Cloud defines a set of media processing actions which can be run in a consumption-based, SaaS mode. These Vantage Cloud actions tackle the heavy-duty media processing while Vantage software handles workflow design and orchestration.

There are two major aspects to Vantage Cloud:

(1)Vantage workflow design and orchestration, (2)Cloud-enabled actions

Workflows are built with the Vantage Workflow Designer and run by the Vantage orchestration engine. Vantage users own their workflows and determine where the orchestration engine runs and who has access. Adding Vantage Cloud does not change this operating model.

Vantage Cloud enables actions placed in a cloud-mode to run within Vantage workflows—providing the same outcomes as infrastructure-based Vantage actions but with a consumption-based operating (and pricing) model.

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