Educators Get 30% Off Keysight Smart Bench Essentials Series

Equip the teaching laboratory with a family of four professional-grade instruments: A Digital Multimeter, Power Supply, Function Generator, and Oscilloscope
Available NOW through March 31, 2025

Smart Bench Essentials is a complete lab test bench solution. With a 30-watt triple-output power supply, single- or dual channel 20 MHz function generators, a 5.5-digit digital multimeter, and a 50 MHz oscilloscope, Smart Bench Essentials has everything you need for a basic electronic workbench, plus powerful software that integrates measurement and analysis across the portfolio.

Save 30% on Smart Bench Essentials
Keysight is committed to supporting academia – let’s do amazing things together. For a limited time, Keysight is offering 30% off on Keysight Smart Bench Essentials series products to educators to equip their basic electronic laboratories.

Promotion info

Start date: April 1, 2024

End date: March 31, 2025

Promotion conditions

  • Concilium Technologies reserves the right to adjust pricing based on exchange rates.
  • Lease orders and remarketed equipment are not eligible for this promotion.
  • Keysight Technologies reserves the right to modify or discontinue this offer during the promotion period.

Eligible Models

Up to 20 MHz Frequency Range

Single channel function generators with six built-in modulation types. 17 popular waveform simulations with 16 arbitrary waveform capability.

Up to 20 MHz Frequency Range

Dual channel function / arbitrary waveform generator providing uncompromising performance for dual channel synchronized test output signals.

2 Channels of 30V/1A and 1 Channel of 6V/5A

Three  electrically isolated channels with a total of 90W clean and reliable power. Includes over-voltage protection, over-current protection and over-temperature protection.

5.5 Digit Resolution

A dual-display 5.5 digit digital multimeter with up to 110 readings/s for speed-critical tests. Generous internal memory for logging up to 5000 data points.

50 MHz Bandwidth

The EDUX1052G oscilloscope provides 50 MHz of bandwidth on 2 analog channels, and a waveform generator

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