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ROSS Video – New Graphite Portable Production Center (PPC)

Introducing the Newest Member of the Graphite Family

Graphite is our all-in-one production system with real switcher, graphics and audio capabilities. Today, we’re excited to introduce the newest member of the family – the Graphite Portable Production Center (PPC).

The Graphite Portable Production Center (PPC) offers a complete production solution neatly housed in a single compact carrying case. This powerful all-in-one production platform combines unmatched portability and ease of operation with big switcher performance, stunning XPression graphics, instant-access clip servers, and pristine RAVE audio. Graphite PPC is easy to set up, and its ultra-quiet fan allows it to be deployed just about anywhere – even next to on-air talent!

As a lightweight and portable system, Graphite PPC offers customers a remarkable amount of production horsepower with up to two MEs (and four MiniMEs), four DVEs, six frame syncs, four media stores and two MultiViewers. In addition, Graphite PPC is capable of handling up to thirteen inputs and up to eight outputs

What else is new?

Earlier this year, version 3.0 of Graphite was released, which includes 48 configurable faders with Compressor / Limiter. The version 3.0 upgrade also contains 12 stereo aux mixers and quick access to Media Manager in DashBoard’s Live Assist.

Hot off the heels of version 3.0, we are pleased to announce that version 4.0 of Graphite is coming soon. With a continued focus on audio management, EQ graphs are available and can easily be configured and monitored through DashBoard. Up to 16 frames of delay have also been added to our frame sync / format converters, which is ideal for augmented reality productions.

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