Ross Video & NDI Announce Agreement for NDI® Advanced Adoption


Ross Video expands Licensing of NDI AV over IP standard across its portfolio, broadening connectivity options and extending customer applications.

Ottawa, January 11, 2024 — Ross Video, a global video production technology leader, and NDI, the connectivity tech company, have announced a strategic partnership for Ross to broadly license and adopt the most advanced NDI technology across its portfolio, extending and enhancing existing support for the NDI standard. 

This collaboration will allow Ross to incorporate the most up-to-date AV networking features of NDI across its portfolio through NDI Advanced, ensuring enhanced video connectivity, flexibility, and workflow efficiency across the ecosystem.

“Ross Video has supported the NDI standard for many years and is excited to be taking this next step in supporting enhanced versions of NDI, NDI Advanced, and the evolution of NDI connectivity,”  commented Jeff Moore, Executive Vice President, and Chief Marketing Officer at Ross Video. “We’ve found NDI incredibly useful and look forward to being on the forefront as things advance.”

“NDI is excited to have Ross Video on board as a flagship adopter of NDI Advanced,” said Nick Mariette, Director of Product Management at NDI. “A cornerstone company in the broadcasting industry adopting our most advanced technology and formats is the best demonstration of how NDI has grown to become a pervasive industry standard, capable of performing to the benchmark set by leaders in the segment.”  

NDI, a proprietary connectivity standard, supports a range of video codecs and enables seamless interoperability for devices and software across standard IP network infrastructures. NDI Advanced offers product developers all the benefits of NDI technology, like seamless device discoverability, bi-directional remote control, and embedded metadata streaming, but also unlocks an additional set of features for enhanced video connectivity, including:

  • Sending and receiving all NDI formats, from NDI High Bandwidth toNDI HX3, the most advanced format yet, which allows for visually lossless, low-latency video with minimal bitrates.
  • Access to the NDI Certified program, enabling products to be certified by the NDI team for guaranteed interoperability, performance, and reliability
  • Custom-packaged SDKs for Hardware or Software, including reference designs for major FPGA models from Intel or AMD.
  • Extended personalization of connection settings for each sender, finder, and receiver.
  • AV Sync, Genlock APIs, and KVM Support.

Ross Video will incorporate NDI Advanced features broadly across its portfolio, including the following product lines:

  • XPression graphics solution
  • Ultrix hyperconverged platform
  • PTZ broadcast video cameras
  • Media I/O capture and playout solution
  • softGear ™ Streaming Gateway
  • Vision[Ai]ry Ft facial tracking and recognition solution
  • PIERO sports graphics analysis system
  • DashBoard production and facility control solution

This partnership between Ross Video and NDI continues to ensure a future where video creators, broadcasters, and production professionals can unlock the full potential of their video production technology.

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