Ross Ultrix carbonite

Ross Ultrix Carbonite – The Mid-Size Hyper-Converged Production Platform

Ultrix Carbonite, is a powerful integrated solution based on the “Software-Defined Production Engine” initially used for Ultrix Acuity. Ultrix Carbonite combines the routing and processing capabilities of Ultrix with the sophisticated creative capabilities of Carbonite, the world’s most popular mid-size production switcher. Ultrix Carbonite creates a new standard in performance, flexibility and value, unmatched by any standalone system available today.


Carbonite SDPE

Each Carbonite SDPE blade is a fully independent switcher that provides up to 2 full M/E and 4 MiniME banks (2 MiniME banks in UHD). Each full M/E bank has 6 keyers, and the MiniME banks have 2 keyers each. The 18 Carbonite inputs come directly from the Ultrix I/O matrix and its 18 outputs re-enter Ultrix as sources. Additionally, there are 4 input and 4 output connectors on the switcher blade itself for a total of 22 inputs and outputs. Twelve 2D DVEs (six in UHD), each with its own adjustable perspective Border Generator, are available system-wide.

1 Frame, Multiple Carbonites

The entire Ultrix input matrix, in groups of 18, is available to any Carbonite SDPE blade. This simplifies setup for multi-room productions since all Carbonites in the frame have direct access to the same pool of video sources. Input signals can be routed effortlessly into the switcher using a router control panel, or by sending RossTalk commands from Carbonite to Ultrix. Or, you can simply tap the inputs’ crosspoint buttons, and Ultrix soft panels will auto-follow on DashBoard and routing can be made on the fly.

Signal Processing

Ultrix Carbonite is a comprehensive signal processing toolbox housed in the Ultrix frame. Input Frame Synchronisers and Format Converters (FSFC) can be used to adjust incoming signal formats while Processing Amplifiers and Colour Correctors can be applied to any input. Eliminate the cost and inconvenience of external conversion gear by using Ultrix Carbonite to address your signal processing needs.


Comprehensive multiviewer capability has always been part of Carbonite and this continues in Ultrix Carbonite. In addition to Ultrix MultiViewers, the Carbonite SDPE blade provides 2 Production MultiViewers in HD (1 in UHD) that can access the full range of Carbonite-derived signals. The Carbonite and Ultrix MultiViewer capability provides a wide range of options to fulfil every monitoring requirement.

Comprehensive Control

Ultrix Carbonite is fully compatible with TouchDrive, Ross Video’s revolutionary new control panel that features multi-function touch displays and gesture control. Extend control of the entire system even further with Ultrix Remote Control Panels or Ultritouch monitoring displays. Or use DashBoard to provide integrated control of Ultrix, Carbonite, and a full range of Ross and third-party external devices.

Mixed Formats And Connectivity

The challenges of mixed-signal formats and connectivity schemes are easily overcome using Ultrix Carbonite. SDI, SMPTE 2110 IP, even MADI, Fiber and HDMI sources can be connected directly to Ultrix I/O boards and used within the Carbonite environment. A future-proof upgrade path is available with additional hardware boards, SFPs, or software licenses.

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