Refurbished Products

There are situations that arise where obtaining refurbished test and measurement equipment is the only way to solve your particular measurement problem, whether due to budget constraints or the need to duplicate systems that may contain instruments that are no longer manufactured.

Concilium recognises this need and through its Certified Care programme reduces the risks of purchasing used equipment through value added local equipment evaluation and support.

If you are considering buying either Agilent or HP used equipment to meet a specific need Concilium offers the following benefits through its Certified Care programme. This is how it works:

  1. Our factory trained sales and support staff will work with you on your requirements, to ensure that you get the correct configuration to meet your needs. We are also qualified to discuss alternatives that may retain compatibility, or provide the same measurement functionality should the equipment you specify not be available any more.
  2. Once we have sourced the equipment, and you have placed your order, we will perform a pre delivery evaluation that will return the instrument to its full production specifications something only an Agilent certified repair and calibration facility can do – and provide a product warranty commensurate with the age of the used product.
  3. We will then deliver the fully calibrated equipment to you, providing you with peace of mind that your investment will meet your measurement requirement, and is meeting all specifications.

Need more information or assistance? Call us on +27 12 678 9200 or email at and let us care about your refurbished test equipment needs.

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