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Quantum Lite – Portable Solutions for Radio Journalists

Giving its best in times of crisis

With the radical changes around us, radio journalists need to work remotely more so than ever.

Quantum Lite is a portable audio codec from Prodys. Thanks to its professional audio quality, its reliable transmission through domestic IP lines and its user-friendly interface, this is the ideal piece of equipment to tackle these challenges.

Quantum Lite is unique in its design and concept, bringing together all the virtues necessary for teleworking in radio: Quality, Reliability, Versatility, Mobility, Quick to install and Remotely controllable.

 It is also ready to work with SIP infrastructures (compatible with any SIP server), and thanks to the SIP Diversity mode (dual streams), it guarantees transmission stability that is not possible in standard SIP communications.

With Quantum Lite, there’s no need for extra equipment. It is light weight with a battery life of over 4 hours.

With its two built-in LTE modems, you can be sure of a stable connection anywhere.

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