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In the 21st century, the importance of the electronic, telecom, network and broadcast arenas should not be underestimated, and it is with this understanding that Concilium Technologies has established its niche as a trusted provider of equipment, applications and solutions for companies that require reputable services in each of these primary markets, across sub-Saharan Africa.

Concilium works with a range of leading international partners to facilitate the delivery of complete solutions, backed by full local support. Moreover, we are passionate about the country and are an empowered company that has been independently rated as a contributor in terms of the South African Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) codes of good practice.

We are equally passionate about people, with numerous enterprise development initiatives focused on assisting technology startups as a means of helping to grow the pool of essential, practical skills in the industry.


As a company, Concilium has been around for two decades, but the company can trace its roots as far back as 1939, when Hewlett-Packard launched. Spun out of HP South Africa in 1999, Concilium has achieved great success in the test and measurement, telecom and broadcasting fields. With the latter sector, while still part of HP, it was directly involved in supplying some of the world’s first video servers to M-Net in 1995, while the company has also deployed Africa’s first multi-channel IP playout broadcast system.

Today, Concilium supports some of the world’s biggest broadcast systems, including extremely large automation and media asset management systems. In addition, most of the live crossings seen on TV news in SA is streamed using solutions sold and supported by Concilium.

Over two decades of success, Concilium has made its presence felt on the continent, through the provision of solutions to local and international clients operating in various African countries, with a primary focus on sub-Saharan African nations.

It is worth noting that Concilium forges client relationships that add value in a multitude of ways

  • With innovative, comprehensive solutions
  • Via a culture of openness and teamwork
  • Through excellent delivery and highly trained people
  • Thanks to its ability to respond to unique and specific needs
  • Via its commitment to empowerment and growing an industry skills base


At Concilium, we understand the importance of keeping the customer as happy as possible. As such, we ensure that there is always a team of dedicated support engineers available to offer ongoing pre- and post-sales support to clients. Drawing on our vast wealth of experience, our people focus on the primary aim of delivering complete customer satisfaction throughout all our business engagements.

Each of our spheres of operation is thoroughly supported by a highly skilled, well-trained workforce with a range of technical capabilities – such as application support, installation and commissioning – all underpinned by expertise in project and quality management.

Our purpose-built facility in Centurion, South Africa, provides an environment in which technological know-how combines with problem- solving ability to produce a complete solution for specific customer requirements. We place emphasis on value-added, turnkey solutions – as opposed to specific products and technologies – as custom offerings such as these are the kind of innovative responses regularly demanded by clients, but which are seldom available from a single supplier.


In a move that is consistent with our best-of-breed philosophy, Concilium chooses to partner with key product leaders in the different spheres of our operation. These partnerships allow us to offer back-to-back agreements with suppliers and customers that translate into full contractual support.

From a best practice perspective, we employ a full-time quality manager and embrace a philosophy of continuous improvement.

The company is an ISO9001:2015 certified facility, ensuring consistent quality of service. Furthermore, Concilium is SANAS ISO/IEC 17025:2017 certified and also boasts a multi-vendor accredited repair and calibration service centre – the only calibration laboratory in SA accredited by SANAS to 50GHz.

We also only invest in the best people and take great pride in fostering a team culture and a self-management philosophy designed to ensure there is no limit to personal development. The fact is that the team at Concilium can collectively bring over 450 man-years of experience to bear on a customer’s particular challenge, delivering exceptional customer value.


Concilium understands the need for corporate social investment, as well as high-end technical skills,
which is why our focus here is on increasing technical education. To achieve this, we are partnering with
a non-profit organisation, Kutlwanong Centre of Maths, Science and Technology. This entity focuses on education, capacity building and skills development, helping young learners to excel at mathematics and science and obtain strong matriculation results in these subjects.

 At the tertiary level, Concilium further awards full bursaries to deserving engineering students and gives them the opportunity to receive comprehensive, in-house experiential training with the company. Our support of this initiative includes the supply of books and payment of tuition and other fees on behalf of promising candidates. The fact that those who have moved through the programme all find work in the industry is evidence of the success of the initiatives in giving participants credibility and marketability.



Concilium has vast expertise and skills in the broadcast arena. We are renowned as equipment providers that can also provide full spectrum sales, training, consulting and installation services for a broad range of Broadcast Infrastructure solutions. 

These include ingest, editing, live production, playout, streaming, storage, graphics, encoding, transcoding, multiscreen delivery in baseband, IP, cloud or hybrid solutions. 

Concilium’s reputation in this sector is well-earned, resulting in us being the biggest supplier of broadcast equipment in South Africa.


Concilium provides full spectrum sales, rental, training, consulting, installation, repair and calibration services for a broad range of electronic test and measurement (T&M) hardware and software products.

These include everything from multimeters and power supplies to frequency counters, oscilloscopes, signal generators, pulse generators, spectrum analysers, network analysers, logic and protocol analysers and semiconductor parameter analysers, to name a few.

We are the largest supplier of RF and microwave test equipment in South Africa. Moreover, Concilium is also the sole authorised distributor of Keysight test equipment for the Southern African region and operates the only Keysight approved repair and calibration centre in Africa – one of only a handful of such facilities in the world.


As the supplier of the first 5G handset tester in Southern Africa, Concilium is already ahead of the competition in this space, and is thus relied on to provide full spectrum sales and support for a broad range of telecom T&M hardware and software products.

These include cell site and base station test, cable and antenna analysers, RF analysers, WiFi and broadband test, fibre inspection and cleaning, fault locators and identifiers, multi-protocol network test and Voice over IP (VoIP) testers, not to mention optical power meters, attenuators, spectrum analysers, network monitoring systems and many more.

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