Company Profile

Concilium Technologies is a trusted provider of equipment, applications and solutions for companies that require reputable services in the Broadcast and Test & Measurement spheres

A Proud Legacy

A combination of good corporate governance, unwavering integrity and an attractive company culture has seen Concilium experience low staff turnover and consistent success since its inception. The resultant stability, longevity and reliability of our company is highly valued in the industries we serve.

It is our vision to be regarded as the preferred provider of value added solutions to a broad spectrum of technology-driven customers in sub Saharan Africa

“Our in-depth knowledge of the market segments we address coupled with the industry leading products and services, allows us to provide cost effective solutions tailored to address the specific requirements of our customers”

Andrew Cole, Managing Director of Concilium 

Our culture emphasises:

  • Belief in people, trust, respect and dignity
  • Teamwork and innovation
  • Uncompromising integrity in all we do
  • Empowerment through development
  • Accountability
  • Commitment to empowerment and growing an industry skills base

A Foundation for Effective Delivery

Though clearly distinctive, the different spheres of operation are equally supported by a highly skilled, technically trained workforce with capabilities in application support, installation and commissioning, underpinned by strong expertise in project and quality management.

A purpose-built facility in Centurion, South Africa, provides an environment in which technological know-how combines with problem-solving ability to produce a complete turnkey solution for specific customer needs. Concilium’s emphasis on value-added, turnkey solutions—as opposed to specific products and technologies—applies to small and large projects. These custom offerings are often our innovative response to a solution required by a client but not normally available from a single supplier.

Concilium forges client relationships that add value through our

  • Innovative, comprehensive solutions
    Culture of openness and teamwork
  • Excellent delivery, through highly trained people
  • Ability to respond to unique and specific needs
  • Commitment to empowerment and growing an industry skills base

Value through Partnerships and Best Practice 

Consistent with a best-of-breed philosophy, Concilium Technologies partners with the product leaders in the different spheres of its operation. These partnerships allow us to offer back-to-back agreements with suppliers and customers that translate into full contractual support.

Concilium Technologies:

  • Is certified ISO 9001:2015 and ISO/IEC 17025 accredited
  • Employs a full-time quality manager
  • Embraces a philosophy of continuous improvement
  • Actively contributes to economic empowerment

Concilium’s commitment to service is recognised by industry peers through the African Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Service Leadership knowledge companies throughout a range of regional and global markets for superior leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development

Value through People

Concilium staff thrive in an environment where a team culture prevails and a self-management philosophy ensures there is no limit to personal development. Through partner relationships, staff receive ongoing training in new products and technologies. By attending and contributing to international industry events, our people become active members of a global knowledge community.

Concilium is mindful that it is people who make the difference, and constantly develops the skills of its workforce, as well as investing in development of the next generation for the broader industry where technical skills are sorely lacking.

To this end, all of Concilium’s corporate social investment is made in technical education. It begins at the secondary school level by partnering with a non-profit organisation, Kutlwanong Centre of Maths, Science and Technology, that focuses on education, capacity building and skills development, helping young learners to excel at mathematics and science and obtain strong matriculation results in these subjects. At the tertiary level, Concilium awards full bursaries to deserving engineering students and offers them the opportunity to receive comprehensive, in-house experiential training with the company. Concilium’s support of this initiative includes the supply of books and payment of tuition and other fees on behalf of promising candidates. The fact that those who have moved through the programme all find work in the industry is evidence of the success of the initiatives in giving participants credibility and marketability.

In the workplace, Concilium continues its investments in technical development through support for selected startup companies through provision of equipment and training.

Concilium is an empowered company and has been independently rated as a contributor in terms of the South African Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (B-BBEE) codes of good practice. Our enterprise development initiatives also focus on assisting technology startups thus growing the pool of essential practical skills in the industry.

A Growing Footprint

Concilium has made its presence felt on the African continent through solutions provision to local and international clients operating in several African countries, including neighbouring Botswana, Namibia and Swaziland, as well as many other sub Sarahan African countries.

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