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Pendulum Frequency, GPS & Time Standards


Pendulum Instruments is a global supplier of Test & Measurement solutions for measurement, analysis, simulation and calibration of time and frequency related parameters. The company has 60+ years of experience and has been awarded “Best-in-Test” honorable mention from T&M World magazine several times, and Pendulum Instruments was awarded “Electronic Company of the Year” in the “Elektronik i Norden” magazine.

Frequency Counter/Analyzers

Pendulum brand frequency counters/analyzers are well-known as industry-leading time and frequency measurement instruments.

These products are characterized by ultra-high speed and resolution with advanced graphics, zero dead-time, Allan deviation measurement, modulation domain analysis and overall the highest-performance frequency measuring instruments. Various models offer portability with battery-option and range up to 60 GHz.

Key Specifications


  • Highest performance counter
  • 50 ps single-shot time interval resolution
  • Built-in Rubidium frequency standard (model CNT-91R)
  • Zero dead-time
  • Continuous data streaming during, not after, measurements
  • Up to 20 GHz range, burst measurements down to 20 ns

GPS Frequency & Time Standards

Pendulum brand frequency standards offer extreme accuracy for applications in telecommunications, calibration laboratories, automated test systems and design departments.

GPS-disciplined references offer traceable Cesium-like stability at an attractive price. Units are self-calibrating. A stand-alone high stability frequency standard is available where traceability to external reference is not required.

Key Specifications


  • GPS-disciplined Rubidium clock
  • Internal battery option for transportation and mains-free field use
  • 1-pps, 5 MHz, 3x 10 MHz, 2x 1.544/2.048 MHz standard outputs
  • Plus 4x optional outputs
  • User friendly front panel operation, selectable for eight languages
  • Use of both GLONASS and GPS gives better signal coverage (GPS-12RG)

Frequency Distribution Amplifiers

The Pendulum Frequency Distribution Amplifiers, FDA-301 and DA-36, offer an economical solution to low-jitter and long-range distribution of Frequency Reference and/or Time Synchronization Signals.

The versatile and modular FDA-301 can distribute sine reference frequencies and time synchronization signals (1-pps and unmodulated IRIG) from a central source to up to 18 remote sites (point-to-multipoint). Additionally, it can distribute serial Time-of-Day messages (NMEA or user defined code) and telecom sync signals (E1/T1 clock/data).

Key Specifications

 FDA-301 Frequency Distribution Amplifier

  • Distribute reference frequency (10 MHz default)
  • Distribute 1-pps, IRIG (DCLS) and serial T.o.D.
  • Distribute E1/T1 sync signals (clock/data)
  • Fiber and coax distribution
  • Modular outputs; up to 18 fiber / 12 coax
  • Input signal redundancy with auto-change-over

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