Witbe is a worldwide leader in QoE Testing and Proactive Monitoring Solutions providing intelligent end to end test and monitoring solutions running on any IP network to enable broadcasters, OTT providers, Telecom operators, residential and business ISPs, banks, utilities providers and many more to measure true user QoE using active technology “reference” users.


QOE Monitoring

What ARE QoE Monitoring Robots ?

Witbe QoE Monitoring Robots are an elaborate combination of Hardware and Software—developed by Witbe over the last 15 years—that are able to reproduce any End-User behavior: rent a movie on a VOD storefront; watch live TV and report on the quality of the video; make phone calls across whole countries; send texts and emails to other Robots; log in to Facebook and share an update or to Twitter and tweet; and so much more.

In short, a Witbe Robot is a machine that is able to use any Service just like any other End-User would. In more technical terms, a Witbe Robot can be defined as an active, and yet non intrusive and holistic, probe (physical appliance or virtual machine). It is ubiquitous, and yet seamlessly integrable into any infrastructure. It has the capability to perform evolved and complex interactions with any Service, and yet is a breeze to setup.

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