VSN is a global technology company specialized in providing advanced solutions for the broadcast and media sector. It offers solutions based on standard IT infrastructure solving the needs of creation, distribution, and management of audiovisual contents in TV channels, public institutions, IPTV, universities, contents distributors and news agencies.

News and Live Production

VSN’s News Production solution covers the whole newsroom workflow in an easy and uniform environment.

MCR Automation & Distribution

Enhanced TV Automation and MCR tool

MCR Automation is one of the most critical parts of a TV channel. When choosing a solution, it’s necessary to make sure it is reliable, solid, capable of controlling all necessary devices, robust and safe.

VSNMULTICOM, which has been in the market for over 20 years and has earned hundreds of references around the world, guarantees 24/7 seamless broadcast in single channel environments and big playout centers alike.

Studio Playout

Control and flexibility for the audiovisual company

VSNLIVECOM is a studio playout system based on VSNMULTICOM‘s engine, VSN’s MCR automation solution with over 20 years of presence in the market. The studio playout controls up to 16 video server channels (4 in A/B/C/D rundown, 4 auxiliary channels and their redundancies). It is MOS compatible and is integrated with most NRCS systems available in the market, like Avid iNews, ENPS, Octopus 8 and Ross Inception amongst others.


The main purpose of an integrated playout (or Channel-In-A-Box technology) is to reduce the many parts of the traditional playout system and master control (graphics, servers and switches, routing, audio, channel branding) into a single integrated software application that operates on a generic IT-based hardware. This way, the integration simplifies installation and maintaining processes.

Media Asset Management (MAM) software

Make your content fly and maximize your company’s profit

VSNEXPLORER MAM, VSN’s Media Asset Management software, offers all the tools necessary to manage the media of a company or a group of companies. Once the production process has finished, a series of management processes start with the objective of monetizing the new content. From this moment on, automating repetitive media management processes (transcoding, send-to-playout, quality control, etc.) becomes crucial and VSNEXPLORER MAM is ready for the task.

Production Asset Management software

Don’t lose track of your audiovisual contents

VSNEXPLORER PAM, VSN’s Production Asset Management software module, increases efficiency of production environments with tools that manage and track media all along the creative process. Thanks to VSN’s Production Asset Management system, workflow automation allows for movement, transcoding and media publishing tasks, among others, to be run in the background, allowing users to concentrate in what they do better: create content.

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