Screen is now part of the BroadStream Technologies family. They specialise in developing products for the preparation and delivery of subtitling and value-add information services across multiple platforms and devices. Our major customers in the worldwide broadcast market include broadcast networks, producers and service companies. Our products are in use 24×7 all around the world, powering broadcast subtitle production and transmission, and delivering up-to-the-minute teletext and interactive content.

Backing up a world-leading development team is a 24×7 support operation committed to customer satisfaction and quality. It is our mission to build mutually beneficial long-term relationships with customers, working directly and through our sales partners. You can be confident with Screen.

Subtitling & Captions

All video content should have captions or subtitles. Captions, generally imply that the subtitles are in the same language as the audio. But Subtitles generally mean that the written words associated with the video are available in multiple languages that can be selected by the viewer.

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