Passionate about live production, Ross Video, designs, manufactures and delivers dependable technology and services that power exceptional live video productions seen by billions of viewers around the world every day. Ross Video’s goal is to make it easy for customers to create compelling news, weather and sports broadcasts, engaging material for sports stadium screens, legislative assemblies, entertainment shows and rock concerts, and inspiring content for houses of worship.

Relentlessly innovating, Ross Video delivers the world’s widest range of products and services for augmented reality and virtual sets, mobile live-event solutions, real-time motion graphics, robotic camera systems, social-media management, production switchers, routers, infrastructure products, video servers, newsroom systems, signal processing and more. Ross products and services are designed to offer the best system integration and unmatched customer choice by both working together seamlessly and integrating tightly with third-party solutions.

All-in-One Production Systems

Graphite All-In-One Production Solution

Real Switcher. Real Graphics. Real Audio. Graphite is an all-inclusive system that combines superb big switcher performance with visually stunning 3D graphics, instant access clip servers and pristine audio clarity – all with the reliability of separate system components.

Graphite Overview

Graphite brings together the capabilities of a Carbonite production switcher, a feature rich version of XPression 3D motion graphics, two channels of XPression Clips server, and the newly developed RAVE audio engine, all within a single 4RU chassis.


Production Switchers

At Ross, production switchers are our passion. We have been making them since 1974 and they are the core of our business. Our production switchers are designed with the input of our customers – demanding customers like you that push our products to the limit and push us at Ross to make things better. Our goal is to provide the tools you need to get your creative vision on the air. The result is groundbreaking production switchers with the live production power that you trust from Ross on an advanced platform that takes you into the future.

Large Production Switcher

Acuity is a breakthrough in modern production switcher technology, combining seemingly limitless production power with aesthetic beauty and unprecedented connectivity.

Mid-Size Production Switcher

Highly powerful and efficiently designed, Carbonite delivers unprecedented performance in a remarkably cost-effective package.

24-Input Production Switcher

More powerful, more compact and more affordable than ever, Carbonite Ultra uses the latest technology to distill the best of the Carbonite series into a single, next generation platform.

Compact Production Switcher

The Carbonite Black Solo compact Production Switcher features a powerful single ME with 4 full-featured keyers, a transition keyer for DVE and Media wipes, 2 UltraChrome chroma keys, and much more.

All-In-One Production System

Graphite brings together the capabilities of a Carbonite production switcher, a feature rich version of XPression 3D motion graphics, two channels of XPression Clips server, and the newly developed RAVE audio engine, all within a single 4RU chassis.

Hyper Converged Production Platform

Computers that used to require rooms full of racks now fit in your pocket…

Imagine if a large production system with routing, audio mixing, MultiViewers, trays of frame syncs and audio embedders – occupying multiple equipment racks – could fit into just 7RU. Imagine no more: it is available now, and we call it Ultrix Acuity.

Hyper-Converged Production Platform

Ultrix Carbonite, a powerful new integrated solution based on the “Software-Defined Production Engine” initially used for Ultrix Acuity. Ultrix Carbonite combines the routing and processing capabilities of Ultrix with the sophisticated creative capabilities of Carbonite, the world’s most popular mid-size production switcher. Ultrix Carbonite creates a new standard in performance, flexibility and value, unmatched by any standalone system available today.

A New Class of Production Switcher

Introducing Carbonite Ultra 60, a totally new class of production switcher from Ross that stands on the shoulders of Carbonite Ultra – an industry-leading product that has won the hearts and minds of operators around the world.

Bigger, faster, and more powerful, Carbonite Ultra 60 offers big switcher performance in a single cost-effective hardware platform. With modular I/O boards that provide up to 60 Inputs and 25 Outputs and three full MEs in HD or UHD, this new class of production switcher will meet your production needs now and in the future.

CG & Graphics Systems

The Ross family of real-time motion graphics systems, clip servers, workflow tools, and purpose-built software applications delivers complete solutions for your most demanding tasks.

XPression real-time graphics systems check all of the boxes with a host of features and functionality that satisfy the most demanding users.

PIERO uses image recognition and state-of-the-art graphic overlays to augment sports content with visually engaging and informative effects.

Robotic Camera Systems

Broadcast and live production houses increasingly rely on robotic camera systems to drive operational efficiencies through automation. As well, in their quest to create more engaging content, these creators are turning to robotic camera systems to realize more freedom of movement and imaging choice. Key buying criteria include speed, smoothness, payload capacity, safety, and reliability. As well, live productions have the added challenge to make cameras as invisible as possible to the live audience.

Ross Video offers the widest range of robotic camera systems including track-based dollies, free-roaming pedestals, and standalone pan & tilt solutions. As well, Ross robotic camera systems deliver superior accuracy and repeatability which improves overall production quality. Ross’ robotic camera systems service high-end production houses and major broadcasters that require maximum flexibility and creativity. As well, Ross offers robotic camera systems targeted at smaller productions that are looking to strike the right balance between camera perspectives and cost.

Ross Video has the most complete studio robotics offering available, whether you are looking for the unparalleled smoothness of a track-based system, the unbeatable flexibility of a free-roaming pedestal, or the simple efficiency of a standalone pan & tilt head.

Furio Live is the ultimate next-generation remote control camera system for live productions.

Replay Systems

Producing instant replay of live televised sporting events is always a fast-paced and demanding endeavor. Mira meets the critical requirements of reliability, instant responsiveness, superior image quality, and interoperability within live production workflows.

Achieve impressive instant replays for all your live events and sports broadcasts with an extremely flexible and very powerful multi-channel replay system.

Furio Live is the ultimate next-generation remote control camera system for live productions.

Video Servers

Ross video servers are designed from the ground up with rock-solid architecture, employing core video server technology designed by Abekas.

Tria+ servers are tailored for live television production environments, with a rich range of standard features to accommodate a wide range of broadcast applications.

Tria+ UHD ensures seamless integration into a wide variety of live production workflows that includes playout of animated switcher transitions, feeding on-set displays, playout of video clips and capturing live video sources – all in native 4K UHD video formats.

Tria News is designed precisely for today’s rapid-fire live television newsroom environments. Get your late-breaking news stories on-air quickly and effectively with this news playout server and the Ross newsroom ecosystem.

Perfect for any small to mid-sized production, Tria Express Duet’s versatility and rich portfolio of essential features allows it to excel in a wide variety of workflows. Built on rock-solid hardware and available at an unbeatable price point, Tria Express Duet is the most powerful compact video production server on the market.

KVM Systems

Revolutionize the way command and control centers are being designed, engineered, and operated.

The series 100 Pro-xi Workstation Integrator allows control room operators to simultaneously monitor and manage multiple, disparate, computer systems on a single, integrated workstation; using one keyboard and one mouse.


Flexible, high performance MultiViewer based on the Ultrix processing platform.

Flexible, high performance MultiViewer based on the Ultrix processing platform that also provides routing, clean switching, audio matrix, and frame synchronization.

Routing Systems

Ross’ Routers provide a compact and powerful combination of routing, multi-viewers, audio processing, and control.

Ultrix takes on analog to IP, with signals from 270 Mb/s to 12 Gb/s to be offer most advanced routing platform in the world.

A revolutionary, high-end, remote control solution designed to provide a world class “out of box” experience for the entire Ross product portfolio.

Realize significant cost, space, and power efficiencies with unparalleled flexibility and agility, especially relative to competitive hybrid routers.

Smart, directional 1RU rack mount cooling system to compliment equipment thermal performance when in extreme conditions or in confined spaces.

NK Series Routers are available in sizes ranging from 16×4 to 144×144.

Modular Systems

openGear® is the industry standard platform of choice for modular signal processing. As the world’s first modular infrastructure platform open to other manufacturers, openGear provides solutions derived from hundreds of individual cards from dozens of companies. This cooperative effort gives users best of breed product and budget options, all while ensuring common control and monitoring within the DashBoard ecosystem.

Emmy-winning openGear® platform, adapted to UHD and IP infrastructures.

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