Quicklink offer a range of products and solutions to enable you to send high quality compressed media from even low speed or unstable internet connections. Our solutions enable broadcasters, militaries and emergency services to choose a solution that best suit your specific needs and the daily challenges encountered.

Public and expert contributions

Remote Commentary

The Quicklink Remote Commentary Solution allows production teams to add synchronised real-time commentary from any location with an internet connection. The remote commentator/caster views the live event in a webpage and their commentary is added into the live program.

Portable/Mobile/On-the-Go Solutions

Broadcast quality Skype video calling

The Quicklink TX Skype-in-a-box allows you to connect to any global broadcaster in studio-grade quality. Instantly go live from a single button-click compact unit, no booking of production crew or complex equipment required. With this all in one compact unit you can look and sound more professional even from your own home.

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