DHD develops and manufactures digital audio studio technology for professional applications in radio and TV broadcasting studios. Our customers are public and commercial radio stations around the globe.

DHD Deubner Hoffmann Digital was founded in March 1996 in Ilmenau, Germany, by Diploma engineers Sven Hoffmann and Joerg M. Deubner. The company’s goal is the development of hardware and software for its own products as well as a service to other companies. The main activity is the development and manufacturing of digital broadcast mixing and routing systems.

Full control at your fingertips... mixing consoles are the front-end control devices of the Series 52 products. While their DSP cores are silently doing their processing work somewhere hidden in the machine room or in the studio, the mixing consoles provide full control over your desired workflow in every situation.

Depending on your requirements, you can decide the layout and function of every single channel strip with the Modular Mixer 52/MX and the Versatile Mixer RX2 or work with the pre-configured layouts of the Compact Mixer SX2 and the Desktop Mixer 52/DX. Use the Touch Mixer 52/TX as a flexible solution inside and outside of your studio.

Mixing Consoles range

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