Boland Communications provide customers with premium quality LCD monitors available in worldwide formats. You’ll see amazing images with enhanced Ultra Pixel picture quality in varying light and viewing conditions. Boland is constantly pushing the boundaries in new technology, outfitting our LCD monitors with the widest color gamut and ultra-deep blacks. Red, green, and blue stability is guaranteed by the All-Digital 10-bit Processing. From the Full Resolution 42“ monitors to the smallest and light-weight field monitors, you can count on Boland image precision. From Broadcast to Aviation, we also provide custom work with multiple options, timely delivery, long warranty, and friendly customer service.

Television & Broadcast Monitors

Monitors play a critical role in the world of Broadcast & Television. They provide preview for multiple cameras (and program), assist with camera shading, allow the TD, AD, Director, and others to frame a shot, and provide multi-viewing control room options for large productions.

Professional broadcast monitors by Boland offer even more. High quality, hand selected LCD displays are easier on the eyes after 14 hour days and they offer many, many signal inputs which gives peace of mind that any signal can be processed in any situation. They offer 178 degrees of off-axis viewing, but they do so with perfect, calibrated colorimetry.

Mobile Broadcast (OB)

Mobile broadcasters demand equipment that can endure long enduring road travel. With respect to these monitors Boland is proud to build the best for the best.

If you are building a truck or van or flypack, and need monitors for multi-viewing, shading, or as throw-downs, Boland has some tough and dependable monitors for your specific needs.

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