On demand webinars – Back to school with back to RF basics

Need some help from the experts in high frequency measurements?

Our experts come to your screen with a primer on the basics, including demonstrations on how to optimize your measurements. Topics include:

Fundamentals of RF Design Simulations

Learn how to achieve complete design success, including analyzing linear & nonlinear behavior of your circuit and performing RF system-level simulation.

Network Analysis Basics

Gain an understanding of how to use a network analyzer to measure transmission line basics, S-parameters, Smith Charts, dynamic range optimization, and more.

Fundamentals of Signal Analysis

Start at the beginning with swept tuned and FFT receiver techniques, then take a deep dive into key components and setup of a signal/spectrum analyzer, and watch demos on how to optimize it for the most accurate measurements.

Understanding Signal Generation Techniques

Get up to speed on basic CW features like power, accuracy, and phase noise; dive deeper into more advanced features like digital modulation, distortion, and more.

FieldFox Series

3 webinars including essential 5G field tests, spectrum analysis basics, and spectrum monitoring for critical missions – all using our FieldFox Handheld RF and Microwave Analyzers.


Jan Ermert

Application Engineer

RF & Microwave

Vincent Launois

Application Engineer

Design Software

Adesh Jain

Application Engineer

RF & Microwave

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