P9377B streamline series

New PN93xxB streamline series VNAs Available Now!

Compact Form. Zero Compromise.

The freedom of portable network analysis doesn’t have to mean a compromise in performance. P93xxB Series is an affordable vector network analyzer (VNA) which dramatically reduces your size of test.

The VNA is packaged in a compact chassis and controlled by an external computer with powerful data processing capabilities and functionalities. P93xxB provides excellent performance in general-purpose network analysis for passive components.

With software applications like enhanced time domain analysis with TDR and automatic fixture removal, you can easily characterize passive components with the same performance of a benchtop setup. Choose from 2-port P937xB models up to 44 GHz or 4-port P938xB models up to 20 GHz.

Why choose P93xxB Streamline Series VNA?

  • Most compact VNA for easy sharing between test locations
  •  Weights less than 2 kg (2-port models)
  •  Wide choice of frequency ranges up to 44 GHz
  •  Ability to extend the number of test ports (max 8-ports)
  •  Measurements, automate code compatibilities, calibration metrology and intuitive GUI are the same  as trusted Keysight VNAs
  •  No data storage devices for measurements in classified environment
  •  Support of Electronic Calibration (ECal) modules for easy and quick calibration

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