Keysight InfiniiVision 3000G X-Series Oscilloscopes

InfiniiVision 3000G

Everything You Need In the Box

Right out of the box, the 3000G X-Series oscilloscopes come with everything you need to get started in general-purpose electronic design. The included software, probes, other advanced features such as histograms and zone touch triggering, and technical support are ideal for R&D debugging, low-speed serial design and testing, power integrity testing, and equipping the labs of educators who teach engineers in training.

Keysight’s 3000G X-Series InfiniiVision oscilloscopes include 7 new standard features that enable capturing and isolating elusive glitches and anomalies. All models also include waveform and measurement histograms, which were previously only available on the 6000X.

Key Specifications


100 MHz to 1 GHz


2 or 4 analog

Max Sample Rate

5 GSa/s

Waveform Update Rate

1,000,000 wfms/s

Max Memory Depth

4M points

New Standard Features:

– Waveform & measurement histograms

– Built-in waveform generator

– I2C, SPI, UART, I2S, and USB PD trigger &   decode

– Mask limit testing

– Measurement limit testing

– Frequency response analysis (Bode plots)

– Enhanced HDTV video analysis

– LAN/VGA connectivity module


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