New FET SS Switches up to 54 GHz Available Now! 

The U942xA/B/C FET solid state switches offer superior performance in terms of isolation and video leakage across a broad operating frequency range of up to 26.5/50/54 GHz. These SPDT/SP4T switches are used to increase system flexibility and simplicity and are easily controlled with USB connection; that comes with the flexibility of multiport configuration connectivity port PXIe and USB VNA or through a soldering connector option
These switches offer unmatched isolation performance between ports, as high as 100 dB at 9 GHz or 70 dB up to 54 GHz. In addition, the U942xA/B/C provide low video leakage less than 50 mVpp for SPDT which ensures safe testing of sensitive components. High video leakage can degrade measurement accuracy and possibly damage sensitive components or equipment. Low video leakage makes these switches particularly suited for measuring sensitive devices and components such as mixers and amplifiers. To learn more about video leakage and how it can affect measurements and devices, see Keysight’s “Video Leakage Effects on Devices in Component Test Application Note.”

The switches fast switching speed in microseconds making it ideal for RF and microwave switching applications in instrumentation, communication, radar, switch matrices and various other test systems where speed and lifetime of a switch are critical parameters.

Key Features

  • Broad operating frequency range from 300 kHz to 26.5/50/54 GHz
  •  Minimizes crosstalk with exceptionally high isolation across broad frequency
  •  Prevent damage to sensitive components with low video leakage
  •  Maintain fast throughput switch switching speed in microseconds
  •  USB connection that comes with multiport configuration connectivity port for PXIe and USB VNA or solder connector options provide switches configuration flexibility

Models available:

U9422A/B/C: 300 kHz to 26.5/50/54 GHz, SPDT
U9424A/B/C: 300 kHz to 26.5/50/54 GHz, SP4T


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