Multicam Conf

MULTICAM CONF – AI Automated Video Conference

To record, display on a big screen and live-stream on the internet!

Multicam Conf

Ready to use system that includes:  

o Multicam Server box supporting up to 4 input – IP, NDI, SRT and SDI (optional)

o One software license with lifetime license

o Touchscreen HD monitor 24’’

o Joystick

o Simple interface experience

Multicam Conf

How easy?

  • Best Shots triggered by speaker!
  • Able to connect up to 4 cameras in IP (Ask for list of compatible models)
  • Provide your audio source
  • Compatibility with most of audio
  • Conference solutions (Bosh, Shure)
  • You just need a web connection

If you would like more info you can also fill out this contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Or contact us directly if preferred:

+27 12 678 9200

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