Meet the new Millimeter-Wave Wideband FieldFox Analyzer

This is the “Swiss Army knife” of portable RF test equipment

Keysight’s wideband FieldFox analyzers, the N995xB combo analyzer and the N996xB signal analyzers, offer up to 54 GHz spectrum coverage and a maximum analysis bandwidth of 120 MHz.

With the frequency coverage expanded to mmWave, the new FieldFox analyzers eliminate the requirement of external mixers when used for 5G NR (FR2) installation, mmWave point-to-point radio network tests, and Satellite/RADAR/EW field tests.

The new generation FieldFox handheld analyzers offer four combination models (N9950/51/52/53B) and four signal analyzer models (N9960/61/62/63B) to cover frequencies of 32/44/50/54 GHz, respectively.

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