Media Links was founded with the vision of developing innovative and superior technology to enable and enhance the viewer experience throughout a connected world of video. To realize this vision, we have developed groundbreaking technology to facilitate the movement of all types of media content across IP networks.

Our mission is to offer our customers intelligent solutions developed with ingenious technology tailored to their present and future needs. We are truly revolutionizing the way media content is being transported.

Go beyond every kind of IP Transport

Media Over IP Transport 

The all new Xscend and MD8000 media transport platforms deliver high-performance, broadcast / professional media signals across a range of IP network fabrics. Each solution converts media signals from their native formats (SDI, compressed, and asynchronous) into IP packet flows that can be routed across both managed and unmanaged high-speed networks*. Native IP signals, such as SMPTE ST 2110, can also benefit from the robustness and reliability provided by Media Links supported networks.

IP Video Routers/Switches

Optimized to switch both compressed and uncompressed video/audio streams as well as bidirectional TCP-over-IP data traffic, the MDX Series is designed with a non-blocking architecture for multicast streams, assuring no packet loss at full bandwidth rates in various configurations. The MDX Series also incorporates several noteworthy design features such as Loop/Flood Protection, Over Subscription Prevention, and Per Flow Bandwidth Management to maximize overall performance while minimizing service interruptions.

Modular IP Media Gateways

With insatiable demand for live content from all types of environments, the need for a portable, network protected, remotely configurable and cost effective edge device is enormous. The MDP3020 can process ever-increasing amounts of media information over IP networks, existing broadcast networks, as well as point-to-point fiber networks. Further, the MDP3020 is designed primarily for smaller scale remote production, MD8000 edge, TV distribution, and local point-to-point applications where economical IP media transport/conversion is required.

Software Management

ProMD EMS software is designed to manage all types of media networks, delivering faster, smarter and more flexible media service assurance and activation. It makes the management of media services simple and easy by quickly setting up circuit connections, detecting and responding to network problems, and optimizing overall operation and performance.

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