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Why Gigamon?

Managing the transformation to a digital business takes strategy, intelligence and anticipation. Keeping up is no longer good enough. You need to capture the ones and zeros hiding in your network to be able to see both your data-in-transit and multi-tiered apps, and manage them better to improve network performance, and detect and respond to threats faster.

For more than a decade we’ve been helping you see what matters, from the inside out. We are the first company to deliver, in a single platform, network visibility and analytics across all seven OSI layers to solve for critical performance and security needs. Your organization will be able to capture all network data in motion, process it, and make it available to the tools and people who need it so you are free to drive digital innovation.

Access network data anywhere
in your hybrid infrastructure

Delivery of the right data to the right
tools, at the right time

Analytics to improve application
performance and security posture

Ensure pervasive visibility of your data-in-transit

  • Gain reliable access to network data anywhere in your hybrid infrastructure
  • Transform and deliver the right data to the right tools, at the right time
  • Get insights for improved application performance and an enhanced security posture

Deploy a zero-trust security architecture

  • Gain a 360° view of real-time and historic network activity for rapid threat hunting
  • Minimize risk with accelerated threat detection and response
  • Decrypt once to analyze many times to uncover hidden threats in encrypted traffic

Stay nimble with improved tool efficiency for maximum ROI

  • Deliver exact traffic specifically designed for each tool
  • Test or deploy new tools, out-of-band and inline, faster and without network interruption
  • Save time and money during network upgrade cycles and expansions

Economic Impact

Third-party economic analysis has shown multiple examples of how Gigamon can provide
significant cost and operational benefits when compared with alternative architectures or
competitive solutions:



Reduction in network



Reduction in server
hardware & software



Increase in efficiency of
security tools



Increase in visibility of
network data

See, Detect and Respond in One Innovative Platform

The Gigamon Visibility and Analytics Fabric provides complete visibility and control of the
data-in-transit across your hybrid cloud and delivers it to existing network performance and
security tools. The only full-stack solution with a common architecture provides access, aggregation
and analytics on your network data, from raw packets to apps at any speed, in any environment,
across all seven OSI layers.
Gigamon ThreatINSIGHT is a cloud-native, high-velocity network detection and response solution.
Built by incident response teams, you can rapidly investigate suspicious activity, proactively hunt for
potential risks. and direct an effective response to active threats once detected.

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