LiveU’s LU810 Multi-camera production contribution

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The LU810 is a professional multi-camera REMI contribution encoder for production trucks and fixed locations, combining unparalleled video performance with extreme bandwidth efficiency. The LU810 supports wired as well as 5G/4G bonded transmission for superior reliability, with up to four fully frame-synced feeds in high resolution from a single unit.

Multi-camera production

One unit – four cameras. Engage your audience with a rich multi-angle production. The LU810 supports up to four fully frame-synced feeds in high resolution from a single unit. Enrich your productions by adding more live feeds while reducing your costs and carbon footprint.

Versatile vehicle contribution solution

The LU810 serves as a key element inside your production van, transmitting live video from the vehicle to your on-site or remote production facility. Equipped with six internal 5G/4G modems, it lets you flexibly adapt to your location needs, switching between cellular, wired & satellite connectivity to achieve the highest quality transmission in any scenario. Transmission quality and costs can be further optimized using LiveU’s least cost bonding feature.

Cost-effective, fixed point-to-point solution

The LU810 can be used as an alternative for fiber and satellite-based productions, supporting broadcast-grade, low-delay multi-cam video transmission between stations or from venues/stadiums to your remote production center. As a fixed location encoder, the LU810 allows you to significantly cut your production costs, ensuring resilient live video transmission over the public internet.

Professional video quality

The LU810 supports high-end, multi-camera productions with up to 4Kp60 10-bit HDR transmission over SDI for optimal color depth and richness. Delivering the highest bandwidth and ultra-low latency (down to 0.4 sec), it supports up to 70 Mbps over HEVC and offers up to 16 audio channels.

What’s your production type?

The LU810 comes in different configurations. Choose the version that is right for your production needs!

Fixed Location Solution Vehicle Solution
Bonding channels 2 LAN + 2 WiFi 2 LAN + 2 WiFi + 6 internal modems (4G/5G) + external antennas (optional)
Resolution 4K | Full HD 4K | Full HD

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