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Keysight University

eLearning for Engineers, taught by Engineers

Learn everything you need to know about software test & automation, product development testing, RF measurement and test, troubleshooting basics and fundamentals in electronics test and measurement.

Cars have never been smarter

Automated Software Testing 101

Learn everything you need to know to bring your team to the next level with industry best practices and optimization techniques.

RF Field Testing Basics

In this course, learn the theories behind RF test measurements and how they can be used practically in field applications. See demonstrations of how a handheld instrument can solve real-world problems.

Deep Dive on Oscilloscopes (Boot Camp)

In this course, sit down with oscilloscope guru Johnnie Hancock to dig into the essential capabilities of benchtop oscilloscopes.

Simultaneously Monitor Dynamic Data Using a DAQ Solution

Discover the differences between static and dynamic data acquisition. Learn how dynamic data acquisition can add insights to your product testing and analysis work by capturing elusive transient, imperfect signals with external noise perturbation, and complex mixed signals.

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