Ross AirCleaner 2

KEEP IT CLEAN – The world’s most popular profanity elimination delay!


The world’s most popular profanity elimination delay has been upgraded! Introducing our next-generation AirCleaner-2 featuring a completely new hardware platform with greatly enhanced capabilities.

Eliminate unexpected obscenities, tasteless content, or sudden carnage from live broadcasts and webcasts while maintaining program continuity—with a flexible, feature-rich digital delay that provides a variety of video and audio concealment techniques.

AirCleaner-2 now supports additional 1080p video standards including “True 60p”—as well as UHD 2160p as an optional license—with support coming soon for optional SMPTE-2110 IP video I/O functionality that can be purchased when ready, and which can be easily purchased and installed into AirCleaner-2 over the internet!


720p | 1080i 1080p 2160p
AirCleaner-2 Model-A 80s 40s 10s
AirCleaner-2 Model-B 160s 80s 20s
AirCleaner-2 Model-C 360s 180s 45s

* Maximum Delay Times shown in Seconds for the 59.94 frame rate

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