Diigigram IQOYA Connect

IQOYA CONNECT – Remote broadcasting made easy!

Digigram’s intuitive cloud-based service and platform

IQOYA CONNECT will be the most efficient Remote Broadcasting service to simplify broadcaster’s everyday life.

It will help to establish broadcast-quality communications between IP codecs through our audio over IP infrastructure. It promises to supply broadcasters with reliable, high-quality audio, and secure communications

IQOYA CONNECT is both a connection service and a web application, interoperable, that guarantees security against cyberattacks. 

Benefits for Technicians Benefits for Journalists
• Preparation of remote broadcasts far before the live pressure. • Set and record their personal audio preferences.
• Seeing what’s going on and act, from wherever they are. • Retrieve them anywhere, anytime, and whatever the Digigram codec.
• Highly available connection service & resilient communications. • Never be alone on the field: journalists can request assistance and technicians can take full control of the portable codec.
• Safe and secure communications
• A very visual and intuitive web interface

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digigram iqoya connect

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