Elevate Fiber Inspection with the new INX760 inspection microscope

Viavi Solutions

Automated single and multifiber connector inspection and analysis

 The INX™ 760 Inspection Probe Microscope (INX 760) offers unparalleled efficiency in ensuring pristine single fiber, duplex-fiber, or multifiber connections. Optimized for field use and VIAVI TPA™ (Test Process Automation) enabled, the INX 760 microscope enables automation of every step of the inspection process, including test setup, tip configuration, image panning and focus, end-face analysis testing, and data storage.

Key Benefits


Get results faster with true automated operation in seconds


Ensure performance you can depend on with a strong and durable microscope that delivers excellence in the field

Simplify fiber inspection with easy automated inspection of multi-fiber, single-fiber, and duplex connectors
Achieve inspection excellence with trusted results

Key Features

  • True Automated Inspection delivers the industry’s fastest workflow for user applications that automates every step of the inspection process.
  • AutoID Inspection Tips eliminate mistakes of error-prone manual or RFID configuration when changing tips.
  • PanOptic Imaging Engine ensures edge-to-edge field-of-view without compromising magnification and resolution quality.
  • The INX 760 is VIAVI TPA Enabled, ensuring alignment, efficiency, and accuracy at every stage of a job with Test Process Automation.

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