Inspect Before You Connect (IBYC)

Viavi Solutions

Contamination is the #1 Reason to Troubleshoot an Optical Network

A single particle mated into the core of a fiber can cause significant back reflection, insertion loss and even equipment damage.  

VIAVI Solutions offers the most comprehensive product portfolio to inspect every fiber connector and application in your network.

Did you know?

  • Dirty connectors cause 80% of field test failures 
  • Microscopic debris significantly degrades signal performance and can cause permanent damage 
  • Mating dirty connectors can break apart, spread, and migrate particles 
  • A typical dust particle is 2 to 15 µm and is only visible with a microscope 

Learn more about our “INSPECT BEFORE YOU CONNECT” process to ensure fiber end faces are clean prior to mating connectors.

This VIAVI full-size wall poster will serve as a helpful reminder to Inspect Before You Connect:





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