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Good, Better, Best Value Bundles

Ordering Additional Options, Software, and Probes for Your MXR Has Never Been Easier or More Economical

The Keysight Infiniium MXR-Series oscilloscope enables you to See More, Do More, and Save Time like no other oscilloscope in its class – with a full set of features and capabilities right out of the box. However, to unlock even more functionality, the Infiniium MXR-Series also has a wide variety of additional options, software, and probing.

Knowing what to order for your specific application can be daunting, so we have taken the hard part out of ordering by pre-packaging commonly used features into convenient bundles. Now, it’s as easy as choosing your oscilloscope model and the bundle that best suits your needs, taking advantage of immediate savings in the process.

Good, Better, Best – What is Included?

To take advantage of each value bundle, simply select your Infiniium MXR-Series oscilloscope model and then purchase one of the following additional Good, Better, or Best Value Bundles.

The following options, software, and probes are included in each bundle:

Good (10% discount)

16 digital channels

Low speed protocol bundle

50 MHz waveform generator

Better (23% discount)

Everything featured in the above bundle

400 Mpts/channel memory


2x 2 GHz single-ended active probes

Best (22% discount)

Everything featured in the above bundle

EZJit Complete

Real-time spectral analysis


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