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Panasonic professional Studio & PTZ camera systems

(Information and resources: Courtesy of Sean Loeve at Pansolutions)

Broadcast productions would typically make use of system cameras such as Studio Camera Chains and Robotic PTZ Camera systems for use in live broadcasts such a sports and events.

The latest trends in these types of cameras include 4K resolutions, large image sensors delivering high sensitivity, low noise and wide dynamic range and new video delivery methods such as:

  • SMPTE 2110 (Broadcast standard for sending video over IP networks)
  • TICO (Tiny Codec enabling 4K signals over existing 3G-SDI infrastructure)
  • Fibre output for long distance signal delivery.

A fast-emerging trend is the use of broadcast specification PTZ cameras mixed together with traditional manned studio cameras. These PTZ cameras can all be controlled remotely over IP networks along with the studio cameras and offer similar video quality with the ability to have several cameras controlled by one person, thus bringing down the capital cost and operational costs significantly while at the same time offering more camera angles for a richer production.

Studio Cameras


Excellent image quality with a resolution of 2,000 TV lines.

Equipped with a large 11.14-megapixel 4K image sensor and uses oversampling to achieves horizontal and vertical resolution of 2,000 TV lines. An S/N ratio of 62 dB or higher is maintained with a high sensitivity of F10/59.94 Hz, F11/50 Hz enabling shooting of expressive, high-quality video.


Large 11.14-megapixel image sensor for high sensitivity, low noise video

The full HD camera system also features an updated CCU and ROP in pursuit of total system performance. High-operability systems for situations ranging from studio production to live events and sports can be constructed at low cost. 4K can also be supported with an optional upgrade*. A range of options for expansion are available, enabling selection appropriate to the application.

PTZ Cameras Systems

PTZ cameras offer all the broadcast features needed along with several new features such as hundreds of pre-set shots and tracking shots which can be recalled at the touch of a button. When operated in HD mode these cameras can also offer 3x full HD camera angels cropped live from one 4K image, providing 4x different live video angles simultaneously from one camera!


4K 60p/50p* Output, High-Magnification Zoom and Wide-Angle Shooting for Flexible Video Production


High-quality NDI 4K PTZ Camera compatible with a variety of video transmission systems to support next-generation video production

PTZ Remote Camera Controllers


Intuitive Camera Control for Ease of Use and One-Person Operation

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