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Buy a Power Supply, Get a Free LCR Meter

For a limited time, receive a free Keysight U1733C handheld LCR meter with a qualifying purchase of a Keysight power supply

A Companion Device for Troubleshooting

Powering an inductive or capacitive device can draw a large inrush current.
Having an LCR meter helps you measure the reactance of the load so you can
select a power supply that protects your device against overcurrent.
The following are key features you want from a power supply to protect a
reactive load:
• delayed overcurrent protection
• variable slew rate
• current limit

U1733C Handheld LCR Meter Benefits

You can measure devices with frequencies up to 100 kHz, a capability that is
typical in benchtop meters. Auto identification displays the component type
and provides impedance measurements, equivalent series resistance, and
direct current resistance. A 16-hour battery offers a longer run time, so you
can perform quick, inductive, capacitive, and resistance (LCR) measurements
at your convenience.

Promotion Conditions:

End Date: May 31, 2022
Promo Code: 6.049

Customers must purchase one of the following new Keysight models from Keysight or an authorized Keysight partner during the promotion period to be eligible to claim the free U1733C handheld LCR meter:
– E36233A and E36234A dual-output power supply
– E36313A triple-output power supply
– N6702C low-profile modular power system mainframe
– N6705C DC power analyzer
– B2901B, B2902B, B2911B, B2912B source measure unit
– B2961B, B2962B low noise power source
• Customers must complete the information on the claim form to qualify for the promotion.
• Customers can claim the complimentary product up to 90 days after the promotion period ends.
• Lease / demo orders an remarketed equipment are not eligible for this promotion.
• This promotion cannot be combined with other offers or promotions.
• Keysight Technologies reserves the right to modify or discontinue this offer during the promotional period.

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