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Fully automated visual radio – multiCAM systems


Expand your radio audience with Visual Radio

multiCAM is a scalable system that lets you create a professional visual radio experience for your audience. Now you can extend your coverage to those who may not be able to listen to your live program.

multicam visual radio

Fully Automated Visual Radio System

MultiCAM Radio is a fully automated system, meaning you don’t need any video knowledge to produce content.It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) with PTZ cameras to run your show completely automatically.

Set it up and you’re good to go!

multicam visual radio

Key Benefits

  • Forge a stronger bond with your audience, ensuring they become part of the experience.
  • Gain a creative and competitive edge in the radio broadcast industry.
  • Extend your show to a previously untapped audience i.e. social networking, video platforms & podcasting.
  • Create dynamic live programs that promotes a deeper engagement level with the community audience.

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