Viavi Fiber Test Essentials

Fiber Test Essentials

Fiber optics have emerged as the world’s leading communication transport medium. The increasing diversity of fiber optic applications has highlighted the need for installer & contractor training with versatile, user-friendly test solutions. With the size and complexity of today’s fibre networks, productivity is a major priority.

Why do we need to test Fiber Networks?
Despite the best intentions of highly trained technicians, fiber optics can be unforgiving when it comes to contamination, micro-bending, and connector damage.

Dirty connections remain the number one cause of fiber network failures.

Testing the network comprehensively prior to turn-on allows any defects or damage to be detected and repaired proactively.

smart otdr


VIAVI offers a fully integrated portfolio of cloud-enabled fibre test instruments, software, and services that are flexible and interoperable. The next generation of fibre optic test tools are now faster, easier to use, and more powerful than ever before.


SmartOTDR 1310/1550 nm A-range handheld tester.

Optical Power Meters


OLP-35V2 – PM UPP Adapter; calibration at 850/980/1310/1550/1625 with BT.


OLP-37XV2 – G/XGS-PON Selective PM, single SC/APC, 1490/1577 with BT.

Optical Light Sources


OLS-35V2 – SM Source 1310/1550 SC mounted FC enclosed.

USB Power Meters


USB Optical Power Meter – High Power – Includes software, 2.5mm interface, 1.25 interface , 30” (75cm) USB extender, carrying pouch.

Visual Fault Locator


Visual fault locator (pocket-sized) 1mW.

Fiber Inspection & Analysis Probe


Automated Fiber Inspection & Analysis Probe. Provides PASS/FAIL capability to PC, laptops, mobile devices and VIAVI test solutions.

FiberChek Probe Microscope

FiberChek Probe Microscope

“All-in-one” automated handheld solution, for all your fiber inspection needs. With built-in capabilities for image viewing, auto-focus, Pass/Fail analysis, storing/recalling results.

Optical Fiber Identifiers

Fiber Indentifier

FI-10/-11 Optical Fiber Identifiers. Identifies optical fibers by detecting the optical signals being transmitted through a single-mode fiber.



Last Mile FTTx Test and Certification. A simple to use, intelligent optical fiber meter that performs a full certification and troubleshooting of a fiber link in less than 1 min.

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