E-Mobility Testing

Testing the entire e-mobility environment is necessary to meet industry conformance standards for safety and reliability.

What is E-Mobility?

Electromobility or e-mobility refers to the electrification of transportation. It represents a move from traditional gasoline-run internal combustion engines to hybrid EV (HEV) or full battery electric vehicles (BEV) in the automotive industry.

The electrified vehicle depends on a larger ecosystem than traditional ones — from ever-increasing renewable energy sources to the EV battery supply chain. Testing the entire e-mobility environment is necessary to meet industry conformance standards for safety and reliability.

Advancing the E-Mobility Ecosystem

The quest for longer driving ranges and safety is leading electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers, cell makers and EV supply equipment developers to find innovative design and manufacturing test methods.

E-Mobility Test Solutions

E-mobility testing for safety, functionality, and standards compliance across the ecosystem foster market confidence in your products. Testing increases driving range, reliability, and affordability for both drivers and fleet operators.

Keysight Scienlab e-mobility test systems and software offer customized environments for developing electronic components according to hybrid and electric vehicle standards. Our test solutions help you to accelerate your e-mobility applications for the electric vehicle (EV) battery, battery management system (BMS), inverter, charging interfaces of EV and electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), and grid edge.

EV and EVSE Charging Test Solutions

Ensuring conformance and interoperability across different EVSE and the vehicles they charge are important factors for the e-mobility market to grow. With consumers expecting longer driving ranges and faster charging, you need powerful test solutions that can emulate high-power charging and future vehicle-to-grid (V2G) systems.

EV Charging Test Solutions

Keysight's Scienlab Charging Discovery System and Charging Discover test software enable automated in-lab testing of EV and EV supply equipment charging interfaces. Perform all necessary conformance & interoperability tests to worldwide standards - CCS, CHAdeMO, and GB/T.
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EVSE Charging Test Solutions

Verifying EVSE charging conformance and interoperability requires performing various tests in accordance with worldwide standards. The Keysight EVSE charging test solution provides an extensive test case library enabling automated testing of CCS, CHAdeMO, and GB/T.
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Explore more EV & EVSE Charging Test Solutions

Keysight offers customized test environments for the development & testing of electronic components according to hybrid & EV testing standards. Accelerate your e-mobility applications from the battery, Battery Management System (BMS), inverter, the charging interfaces of Electric Vehicle (EV), and Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE).
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Did you know?

EV and EV supply equipment (EVSE) markets are not well-regulated or fully operational. Safety, interoperability, and conformance are important criteria for enabling e-mobility, and Keysight is ready to help.

This white paper explains the current testingregulatory challenges facing the e-mobility market, and how to overcome them without delaying time-to-market objectives.

Scienlab Charging Discovery System Family of Solutions

With Scienlab Charging Discovery System – Portable, EMC and High-Power Series, Keysight helps you comply with the relevant charging standards and ensures conformance and interoperability:

  • Provides independent, reproducible test of any EV and EVSE charging interface
  • Includes real time person-In-the-middle mode for easy analysis of interoperability issues between EV and EVSE
  • Designed for use in anechoic test chambers and enables conducted and radiated testing of emissions and immunity during AC or DC charging (only EMC Series)
  • Enables you to test current and future standards at up to 900 kW (only High-Power Series)

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