Do More with New N1913/14B EPM Series Power Meters

Do More with N1913/14B New EPM Series Power Meters

As signals become more complex, it becomes more difficult to make fast, accurate power measurements. For years, you’ve depended on Keysight’s EPM Series power meters. Today, the Keysight N1913B and N1914B new EPM Series power meters are versatile, user-friendly replacements for the discontinued N1913A and N1914A. Get consistent results and greater capability – with the new EPM Series power meters.


  • Get up to four channels to speed up and simplify RF average power measurements
  • View test results more easily with the color LCD readout in an average power meter
  • Go beyond GPIB with USB and LAN/LXI-C interfaces
  • Automate frequency/power sweep measurements with the optional external trigger in/out feature
  • Backward compatibility with existing N1913A and N1914A EPM power meters
  • Enhance manufacturing test by connecting a large external monitor with the unique VGA output

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