Digigram develops innovative digital systems with complete reliable point to point encoding and streaming links, from on-the-go portable outside broadcast encoders, to strong and efficient studio to transmitters links.
Used by thousands of journalists, broadcasters and industrialists all over the world, Digigram sound cards, audio processing software and IP audio codecs are conceived with a consistent attention to quality and reliability.
As a worldwide audio grade brand, Digigram pioneers in audio innovations.

Digigram Audio over IP - Audio Codec

IQOYA TALK is a portable IP audio codec dedicated to live remote broadcasting for Radio and TV. Designed with an intuitive user-interface as simple as a smartphone, IQOYA TALK allows remote reporters to perform all the key actions in just 2 clicks. Live reporting or commentary can be performed, as well as studio quality interviews for up to 4 journalists and guests, with a user experience designed for the non technicals. Audio content is streamed through a large number of wired or wireless ‘last mile’ connections.

Key points:

  • Simple configuration by predefined scenarios in the studio
  • Large number of built-in connectivities: 2 Ethernet, WiFi, 2x 3G/LTE/4G
  • Up to 8H autonomy achieved by two independent batteries
  • Quick access to all relevant on-field settings

Digigram Production & Sound Cards

Motivated by a desire to innovate, Digigram is the leader in sound card development. In 1989, we transformed the broadcast industry by developing the first professional PC sound card utilizing audio coding and compression technologies. Subsequent Digigram innovations including EtherSound, Visiblu, and FluidIP have revolutionized the broadcast world by empowering the adoption of Audio-over-IP and ISO/MPEG standards worldwide.

Their professional sound cards use different connectivity like PCI, PCI Express or USB. Digigram’s professional sound cards can use multiple channels.

Portable/Mobile/On-the-Go Solutions

IQOYA GUEST is Digigram’s simple web-based solution for conducting remote interviews of guests outside the studio.

This web-based solution does not require any hardware installations or software applications to work. The studio can access the complete interface through their web-browser and directly invite a guest to join the call by sending a link directly to their phones/email IDs.

The link can then be opened with a web browser on the phone or computer of the guest/journalist, allowing them to be on a live program without having to install any applications to their systems. Digigram’s advanced audio codecs ensure superior audio-quality without any expensive peripherals.

Just like the IQOYA TALK, calls placed through the IQOYA GUEST PREVIEW can also be managed and monitored using Digigram’s SIP server, IQOYA CONNECT. However, this is an additional option and is not critical for using this solution.

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