DHD audio introduces next generation IP cores have introduced additions to their range of studio equipment. These include some next generation processing cores and a new space-efficient mixing console.

DHD XC3 and XD3 audio production processing cores

The new XC3 and XD3 IP cores allow integration of IP audio feeds as well as IP-connected remote device control. They support automated workflows and product virtualization and create many future possibilities.


      The Standard IP Core

  • Up to 48 stereo faders
  • Upgradeable by software license
  • Audio-over-IP native


      The High Capacity IP Core

  • Up to 96 stereo faders
  • Router with matrix size of 10240 x 12288
  • Fully redundant operation

DHD DX2 desktop mixer

DHD’s DX2 is a full-featured desktop audio mixing system designed for restricted space applications, such as video editing booths, news commentary suites, radio OB vans and podcast studios.


Desktop Mixer

  • For TV, Radio, Podcast
  • 4 to 16 Faders
  • Built-in I/Os

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