Detectus EMC-Scanners

Detect your EMC hotspots early during development, while the cost for remedy still is low!

The Swedish company Detectus is a world-leading supplier of EMC-Scanner products, since the 1990’s. As from July 2020, the Detectus company is an integral part of Pendulum Instruments.

The Pendulum/Detectus series of EMC-Scanners are powerful pre-compliance tools for measurement and analysis of Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI). The Scanners feature repetitive high-resolution scanning of emission (and optionally also immunity) down to 25 μm steps. You can even scan inside an IC (option).

Detectus SCN-500 series

The SCN-500 series comes in three sizes and can be two- or four dimensional. Each model can be equipped with a 3, 6 or 10 GHz probe kit.

Detectus HRE series High-resolution Scanners with 3D or 4D scanning

The HRE series combine ultra-high scan resolution of 25 μm with probe head rotation, and the best-in-class scanning SW to deliver powerful visualization of the EMC test. An optional IC scan kit, with dedicated inspection camera and high resolution near-field probes, lets you even scan for emission and immunity hotspots inside an IC.

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