Carbonite Ultra 60 – A New Class of Production Switcher


Carbonite Ultra 60

A New Class of Production Switcher

Carbonite Ultra 60

Introducing Carbonite Ultra 60, a totally new class of production switcher from Ross that stands on the shoulders of Carbonite Ultra – an industry-leading product that has won the hearts and minds of operators around the world.

Bigger, faster, and more powerful, Carbonite Ultra 60 offers big switcher performance in a single cost-effective hardware platform. With modular I/O boards that provide up to 60 Inputs and 25 Outputs and three full MEs in HD or UHD, this new class of production switcher will meet your production needs now and in the future.

     Key Features of Carbonite Ultra 60

  • Carbonite Ultra 60 supports an I/O of up to 60×25 in HD or UHD. The modular 3RU frame can be configured as 36×15 and expanded should demand increase. 
  • Although Ultra 60 leverages the latest hardware technology to provide incredible performance, it shares the DNA of Carbonite Ultra, including its entire feature set. 
  • The Carbonite Ultra 60 platform goes beyond simple layering and transitions with onboard Frame Syncs, Format Converters, MultiViewers, and more. 
  • From SD to UHD and beyond, Carbonite Ultra 60 supports most major formats and frame rates. Plus, HDR and WCG support are built in as well, making Carbonite Ultra 60 an ideal system with which to grow. 
  • Audio mixing and processing capabilities are available with an easy-to-install license key. 

Control Panels

Carbonite Ultra 60 can be paired with the stunning TouchDrive control surfaces.

The TouchDrive family of control surfaces, with revolutionary touch, swipe, and gesture control, provide an ergonomic platform designed to exceed the expectations of even the most demanding operators.

Carbonite Ultra 60

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